Stories of Giving

Dr. Wall and family

Nearly 3,000 alumni, residents, faculty, staff, and friends support the University of Tennessee Health Science Center each year, and in the process of doing so, some truly remarkable stories come to light.

Reeves-Sain Room opens in College of Pharmacy Building
The space features past Reeves-Sain UT Community Pharmacy Residents and scholarship recipients along with their personal quotes and experiences as Reeves-Sain community pharmacy residents.

Josephine Circle Helps Deserving Students’ Dreams Come True
For more than 90 years, The Josephine Circle, Inc., has helped deserving students make their way through the Health Science Center by providing scholarships and interest-free loans. Scholarships are awarded annually to students selected by the Colleges of Allied Health Sciences and Nursing and the Department of Dental Hygiene. Dorothy Khov of Memphis, a second-year Dental Hygiene student, was a recent recipient.

Ruth and Gary Glisson Establish Endowment to Honor Former Teacher
In May 2012, Master of Dental Hygiene alumna Ruth Glisson and her husband, Gary, decided to honor her former teacher, Nancy Williams, Ed.D., by establishing a $25,000 endowment in her name. The Dr. Nancy J. Williams Endowment Fund will provide scholarships for Master of Dental Hygiene students, with the first award given July 2013. Following is a letter from Mrs. Glisson regarding her generous gift of support. Read more about the endowment »

'Why We Want to Give" — Martha and David Shepard
“Pharmacy has been good to us,” said David, who earned his PharmD in 1975. “The UT College of Pharmacy gave us an excellent pharmacy education, and it has encouraged pharmacists to expand their practice with new clinical services.”

Friedmans Celebrate Graduation of First Recipient of Family Scholarship
“No one can get anywhere without an education,” says Morton Friedman (PhD ’69). That’s why Mort and his wife Myra decided to set up a scholarship at three schools, including the University of Tennessee Health Science Center where Mort earned his PhD in anatomy.

From Cancer Survivor to Cancer Researcher
Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosis impels student Jo Meagan Garner to change her major from finance to biochemistry and pursue a career in research. Donors support her efforts to become a leader in the health sciences.

The Center for Cancer Research: Translating 'Cancer' into 'Cure'
Senator Ted Kennedy didn’t live quite long enough to hear the good news about research being conducted at the UT Health Science Center. He died of a glioma (a type of brain cancer) in 2009. That same year, researchers at the Center for Cancer Research began studies to learn how glioma and other types of cancer manage to thwart the anticancer action of chemotherapeutic drugs.

Primary Care a Student's Primary Love
Emily Mewborn, a DNP student in the College of Nursing, knows where her medical passion lies: “My heart is in primary care." Student scholarships help students like Emily pursue their goals of making a difference in the health care industry.

Building a 'Safety Net' for Patients in Tennessee
An Alum Gives Back: Dr. R. Phillip Burns '66