Annual Giving

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Your annual support allows the UT Health Science Center to provide an integrated program of education, research, clinical care and public service that would not be available through only state-provided funding. With the financial support of our alumni and friends, we make a difference in the health care of our local, state, national and global communities.

Where should I direct my gift?

UTHSC has seven specific “unrestricted” gift funds, which allow campus leaders to respond to immediate needs across the Health Science Center. These seven funds are the Campus Fund for UTHSC, and the College Funds for Health Professions, Dentistry, Graduate Health Sciences, Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy. While there are many allocation areas where you may direct your gift, these seven gift funds provide flexible gift dollars that can be directed at the discretion of the Chancellor and Deans when critical funding needs are identified.

What other giving allocations are there at the UTHSC?

If you simply want your gift to help where assistance is most needed, the unrestricted funds outlined above are the perfect choice.  However, if you wish to help in a specific area, such as a building fund, scholarship fund, professorship endowment, etc., you may certainly restrict the use of your gift to one or more of these gift funds. Please contact the Office of Development and Alumni Affairs if you have any questions about how your gift can best be directed to help the areas of most interest to you.

I gave last year ... do I really need to give every year?

Most importantly, donating to the UT Health Science Center every year gives you the satisfaction of supporting a quality health education institution. While there might be tax incentives and other benefits of donating, we hope you will make an annual gift simply to make available to current and future students the opportunities that were available to you during your education and in your career following. In July 2013, we launched the 1911 Society which allows us to recognize our annual fund donors of $100 - $10,000 each fiscal year, and we invite you to join the many loyal donors whose gifts provide an ongoing, continuous base of campus and college financial support each year.

I've made a major gift to UT ... why am I asked to give annually?

Leading by example is an important quality of our alumni, students, residents and fellows as they better the world through education, research, clinical care, and public service. Strong annual giving participation sends the right message to our peers and to outside agencies that both award grants and rank institutions on an annual basis. If we support and believe in our family, others will as well.  Simply stated, strong annual giving support keeps UTHSC excellent.

Does the size of my gift matter?

The very fact that you make a gift is significant, and you are counted as an important and valued donor regardless of the size of your gift. Alumni and friends who donate at or above the $100 level each year are recognized as members of the 1911 Society, and we invite you to consider making a gift to begin or continue your membership in each fiscal year. High alumni participation in annual giving adds value to your degree and lets students know that giving back is an important part of the educational experience. In addition, annual giving participation is a key indicator of alumni satisfaction as determined by publications such as U.S. New and World Report. Show pride in UTHSC by making your annual gift today!