College of Pharmacy

For more than a century, the UTHSC College of Pharmacy has been a leader in pharmacy education, practice, and research. In fact, the U.S. News and World Report magazine recently ranked the College as one of the top 20 pharmacy schools in the nation. We are accredited by the American Council for Pharmacy Education.

The College has successfully recruited and retained a very high quality faculty, that consists of nationally and internationally recognized educators, practitioners, pharmaceutical scientists and leaders in academic pharmacy. Student pharmacists receive an exceptional education because of the excellence of our faculty, staff, student services, curriculum and experiential learning programs. Our students are among the brightest in the nation. Our student pharmacists also possess a heart to serve humankind. One of the major strengths of the College is the national recognition of our student organizations and professional fraternities via awards for excellence. These accolades demonstrate not only the quality of our student body, but the College’s commitment to student professionalism and community service.