Tour of Methodist Le Bonheur

UT Alumni Tour

12:30 p.m. May 18, 2012

I. Welcome/Event Space
History of Le Bonheur
Current Statistics
U.S. News and World Report Rankings

II. Hall of Mirrors
“Blue Dog” Artwork
Room of Magic- Associate Giving

III. Outpatient Clinic Waiting Area
“Where the Wind Plays” Artwork
LEED Certification

IV. Family Resource Center
“Prescription for Education” notepads
Business Center/Research space for families

V. Chapel/Spiritual Care
Prayer room/Quiet Room/Chapel
Wall of Unity to celebrate Diversity
Wishing Wall

VI. Main Lobby

“I Can Fly” Artwork to celebrate diversity
Renovations of Old Le Bonheur/New entrance
Children’s Foundation Research Center

VII. Ground Floor- Level I Trauma Center/Emergency Department

VIII. 2nd Floor
Discuss Critical Care areas
Same Day Surgery
Advanced OR suites/ 3T iMRI
Bunny Lane

IX. 4th Floor- 60 Bed Level III C Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

X. 7th Floor

FedEx Neuroscience Institute/Epilepsy Monitoring Unit
Breakdown of in-patient floors
Family Room/Playroom
Child Life
Viewing of a patient room

XI. Lobby Level
Philanthropy Center

XII. Questions/Farewell